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Social Media Management for my Small Business

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree"     -Alexander Pope

We know that with every change comes the opportunity for growth.  Social Media is a continually evolving platform that fosters unique ways for businesses to connect with their consumers.  It is an essential tool today and should be a key component in your small business marketing strategy.  

Bend the Branch provides social media management services; creating content for and overseeing your brand's social media marketing.  By maintaining a dedicated focus on expanding our abilities and knowledge, we are able to stay at the forefront of Social Marketing trends.  Being familiar with the flourishing social media platforms and their individual benefits enables Bend the Branch to help your brand form it's own community, voice, and brand identity through organic approaches.  Bend the Branch uses market research, keywords, SEO, analytics, creativity, and personalization to contribute to the advancement of your small business.

When you entrust Bend the Branch as your Social Media Manager, you are more available for the core operation of your small business.


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HOURS         M-F @ 9a-3p

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The PRocess

Creating my Social Media Marketing Strategy

Bend the Branch makes The Process easy to follow.  We start with discovering more about the brand through a Vision Planning Meeting.  This meeting is the foundation to begin building the Marketing Strategy.  Your Social Media Marketing Manager continues through The Process, updating you as necessary.

As we build a marketing relationship together, Bend the Branch puts emphasis on becoming an expert on your brand and industry.  Your Social Media Marketing Manger combines research with creativity to craft brand-specific marketing content that will establish the genuine voice of your business.  A customized marketing strategy is then established and carefully implemented to expand lead generation,  increase genuine customer engagement, boost the target audience, and improve sales.

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